Pizza Sampler

by Man Alive !



released March 21, 2011



all rights reserved


Man Alive! Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Mirage
Oh those pearly gates kept out the demons in my mind
And the promise of redemption helped me to tow the line
Oh sister you get out your wine and pass it round
Cause there ain't such a thing as holy ground

Oh when I was a young boy I read the verse
And I prayed for the sinner in the back of the big black hearse
Oh brother you just live your life and live it well
Cause there ain't no heaven and there ain't no hell

A mirage a mirage
My eyes have fooled me once before
I thought I saw the light
I thought my soul’d be safe for sure

A mirage a mirage
Oh that island in the stream
But there ain't no eternal paradise
Its just a dream

A mirage a mirage
In that desert of despair
I closed my eyes to look again
But there was nothin there

Oh I ain't savin happiness for when I die
Cause there ain't no palace waitin for me up there in the sky
Oh sister you don't wait around for better days
You’re the only one can save your soul now anyways

Oh I used to fear the devil and his lake of fire
So I sang the hymns and songs along with the choir
But brother we’re a singin all our own songs now
Cause that ain't no virgin mary up there in the clouds
Track Name: Andy
The first time I got high it was with you Andy
Sittin on the back porch of the Lakewood house
The fire in your eyes it sure burned bright Andy
The lit end of a blunt it seemed to suit you well

We gotta keep that fire burnin in our hearts
While we are apart

There was no one ever quite like you Andy
No one ever more alive
You always had a joke or two to tell Andy
And I’ved tried to cry for you so many times
But I just see you smilin

And laughin as the cops saluted your hearse
And I can’t tell which is worse

Well if we keep that fire burnin in our hearts
We might no where to start
Track Name: Destroyer
Darlin it ain't your fault
That its gotten like this
It ain't fair to place the blame
When we both know who it is
And the worst part of it you know
Is that I love you so
And I swear I’ll let it show
If we can give it another go

Tell me Am I too late
Is the damage done
Can we start anew again
Or have I ruined another one
Oh I cant ruin another one

Darlin it ain't your fault
That you’ve got a tender heart
Its ok to want love
Everyday from end to start
And god damn I want it too
And I know its true
Oh I swear I wont make you blue
If we can start anew